ZeroD20 Is Expanding

ZeroD20 Is Expanding

Welcome to the next phase of ZeroD20! We’re excited to announce a lot of exciting changes coming over the next couple months and we hope you’ll join us in our ongoing adventures.

We’re welcoming two new series into ZeroD20 and the site: Wayfarers and Lost Vancouver.

Wayfarers is a 5th Edition D&D campaign set in a world inspired by Six of Crows (by Leigh Bardugo) and featuring a cast of four unlikely characters: a prodigal princess, an orphan artificer, an indentured rogue, and an awkward demolitionist. Whatever their desires when they first came to Barovda, they’ve all fallen in with the Thorns, a gang of thieves and cutthroats led by the infamous Martin. Join DM Caitlin and the rest of the crew as they skulk and skitter their way through the shadows of the city seeking fame, fortune, and freedom. Episodes are already recording and we look forward to posting the first episodes on the site in the next couple weeks.

Lost Vancouver is a World of Darkness campaign using “Changeling: The Lost” rules. Set in modern day Vancouver, the characters were normal humans who were taken by a Faerie into the realm of Arcadia. Their stay there has changed them – body, mind, and soul – until they became part magical before finally escaping back to the mortal world. Now they must struggle to remain sane and find a new home for themselves halfway between the mundane and the magical. Recording begins at the end of February with Storyteller Zee.

With more voices and stories taking part in ZeroD20, we hope you’ll join us for many more adventures to come.

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