Tristan Fitzroy

Tristan Fitzroy is a 19-year-old Halfling Demolitionist. He is tall for his race at almost 4 feet with a mop of rusty red hair and a pair of bright green eyes. His face has a light dusting of freckles and a very friendly smile that belies his often awkward demeanor.

Tristan grew up in a wealthy home, the third of four children, but was always despised by his father. A series of mysterious accidents befell him in his teen years, leaving him with a sizable scar on his chest, and a deep suspicion that his father was trying to have him killed. The final moment came at 17 when his mother died of poison after drinking from a goblet meant for him. Tristan, wracked by survivor’s guilt, immediately fled and never looked back.

Tristan has been in Barovda for almost a year, having arrived with nothing but the clothes on his back and a satchel that he guarded extremely carefully. Stepping off the boat, he stopped at the first inn he thought seemed at least a little reputable – The Morningstar – to ask about lodging and employment. Although he did his best to blend in with the locals, he was quickly recognized as an easy mark – obviously new to town and inexperienced, and his lack of natural charm did nothing to help with this. He soon attracted the interest of some gang members from the The Trolls who followed him out of the inn and attempted to mug him in a neighboring alley.

They quickly discovered their error as they tried to grab Tristan and instead found themselves holding a homemade explosive. As they ran screaming from the alley with fewer limbs and more scorch marks, Tristan found himself face to face with Martin, leader of the Thorns, who was impressed by his quick thinking and unique weaponry. Despite his skepticism of gang culture, Tristan was successfully recruited into her gang with a promise of steady income, safe lodgings, and new friends.

He is grateful the gang don’t ask questions about the past, as he prefers to forget about it – but you will often catch him looking over his shoulder.

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