Petra Zandeyr

Petra Zandeyr is a 19-year-old Human Princess. She has long, wavy, deep red hair and captivating greeny-grey eyes flecked with gold. She’s typically dressed well, in an elegant, understated fashion. When needed, or often when used to her advantage, her charismatic, charming nature can command a room, drawing all attention to her.

Growing up, Petra was always encouraged to embrace her outgoing personality and often sharp wit. This often comes as a surprise to many and is something Petra doesn’t openly talk about, but she was raised in a small farming town on the outskirts of Barovda, called Fernstar Grove. Fernstar Grove is mostly, if at all, known for its Kale and Cabbage production, two of the most common vegetables in markets across Barovda.

Petra left Fernstar Grove only recently. Raised in a small farming town, she was growing more and more suffocated by her isolated surroundings and tight control from her guardians. She wanted nothing to do with the life that was being carved out for her. No one but her family really knows what she was destined for had she stayed in Fernstar Grove – any time it comes up, Petra gracefully steers the conversation in a different direction.

As is common with the Princess class and having grown up on a well-stocked farm, Petra left home with her trusty and sturdy donkey, named Mousse – very handy for transporting her belongings (and, often, her). She also always travels with her loyal friend and closest ally, Reba. Reba has been with her since her 16th birthday and has been at her side since. Oh, wait, did I mention Reba is a panther? Every Zandeyr’s 16th birthday is one of the biggest celebrations of their life and depending on where they live, they’re presented with an animal companion.

She reached a turning point shortly after turning 19, and decided to leave home – unannounced. She quickly found herself in the Belly of Barovda, making new friends and getting to know the local social circles and, more importantly, gangs. Martin, leader of the Thorns, was captivated by Petra’s ability to command a room. She first saw Petra’s talent in the Vinehouse gambling hall one evening and quickly sought to recruit her as a part of the Thorns. After proving her worth (and loyalty) in the Iskroc heist through recon, manipulating relationships, and talking the gang’s way through some sticky situations, Petra immediately soared to be one of the Thorns most valuable members.

Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly, having grown up on a Kale and Cabbage farm), Petra has a very strong sweet tooth. This was difficult to satisfy growing up being surrounded by so much cabbage, so in her adult life she enjoys the many sweet delicacies of the bakeshops and cafes throughout Barovda whenever she can.

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