Oslund Lowery

Oslund Lowery (or ‘Os’ for short) is a Half-Elf Artificer with dark brown skin and grey eyes. He is friendly and easy-going, generally preferring levity over conflict and deflection over serious discussion. Os has a reckless streak, and often acts without regard to consequences or safety.

Os grew up far outside of Barovda in an area of the continent called Brightvale. His family maintained a small farm, which provided them a simple yet comfortable lifestyle. He hunted animals to feed his family and became quite the shot with a crossbow (skills which proved beneficial when he picked up his first firearm). He has some magical abilities on his father’s side of the family, but due to a general societal mistrust of magic, Os does not advertise his powers nor has he ever fully explored their potential.

Several years ago, a gruesome event forever changed Os’s life when his hometown was brutally attacked by an army of liches during their invasion of Brightvale. He watched as his father was murdered and only barely managed to escape with his mother. The two of them fled the area as refugees, hoping to find sanctuary in Barovda. They took a caravan out of the city with a number of other townsfolk fleeing at the same time, but the invaders struck again as they were driving away. Os was separated from his mother in the chaos of the attack and managed to escape with only a small handful of refugees, later learning that the others perished at the hands of the liches.

Os made his way to Barovda alone, and began apprenticing at a blacksmith’s guild in the Belly to get by. He became a skilled engineer with a talent for crafting pistols and cannons. Eventually, whispers began spreading around the Belly that he had a particular talent for imbuing magic into metalworks. His precision shooting and ability to augment items with magic caught the eyes of an upstart gang known as the Thorns, and Os was recruited for a heist involving the Iskroc merchant family. Os was intrigued by the possibility of adventure afforded by membership in the Thorns, given his restless personality.

One strange recurrence in Os’s life revolves around discussions of his past. Whenever Os talks about his hometown of Brightvale with anyone living in Barovda, they gloss over details about the city and seem to immediately change the subject or forget the conversation. It used to be a source of frustration for Os that the people of Barovda seem so willing to forget the sacrifices of Brightvale, but he doesn’t run into this situation much anymore as he avoids bringing up his past with others.

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