Jeni is an 18-year-old Half-Elf Rogue. She is tall and slender, with dark features and long, dark hair that she wears in a single braid.

Two years ago, she was kidnapped from her family and brought into the city as an indentured slave. She told her captors her name was Kaliya and did her best to quietly go about her business, remaining largely unnoticed by those around her. She worked in many different locations across the city, most frequently in merchant homes and gambling dens.

Jeni learned a lot during her time as a servant – about the layout of merchant homes, the secret entrances to certain gambling dens; she learned how to hide in plain sight and that the most valuable items were often not items at all, but information. She bided her time collecting many secrets from both the merchants and the gangs. Jeni thought no one knew who she was, but she caught the attention of Martin, leader of the Thorns. With a wave of her hand, Martin bought Jeni’s contract as an indentured servant and offered a new arrangement that included a repayment schedule so that she could earn her freedom.

Jeni doesn’t think of her life from before she was kidnapped often, but whenever she tries, the memories escape her … and this doesn’t seem to bother her.

Jeni has worked with the Thorns for a few months now. The other members only know her as Jeni, but she has heard whispers among some about how Jeni knows what she does. While Jeni has left her identity as Kaliya behind her, rumours of what the mysterious Kaliya knows still haunt the merchant class. Those with dangerous secrets fear the reckoning that Kaliya could one day bring…

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