Get to know the cast of Wayfarers

Jeni is an 18-year-old Half-Elf Rogue. She is tall and slender, with dark features and long, dark hair that she wears in a single braid. Kidnapped from her family and forced into slavery, Jeni took the name “Kaliya” to protect herself and her family. Working the shadows, she remained below the notice of everyone until the infamous leader of the Thorns spotted her and scooped up her contract. Now she skulks the shadows for the Thorns, working to earn her way to freedom.

Oslund Lowery is a Half-Elf Artificer with dark brown skin and grey eyes; friendly, easy-going, but also reckless. Os grew up far outside of Barovda until his peaceful life and family were shattered by an invading army of liches. Now far from his home, Oslund serves the Thorns while seeking new ways to use his magical talents.

Petra Zandeyr is a 19-year-old Human Princess. She has long, wavy, deep red hair and captivating greeny-grey eyes flecked with gold. She’s typically dressed well, in an elegant, understated fashion despite the panther by her side. Oh yeah, there’s a panther. This prodigal princess found her way to Barovda where she has ingratiated herself into the Thorns with her innate ability to command attention and respect.

Tristan Fitzroy is a 19-year-old Halfling Demolitionist. Coming in at a staggering 4 feet tall with a mop of rusty red hair and a pair of bright green eyes, his face has a light dusting of freckles and a very friendly smile that belies his often awkward demeanor. He found his way into the folds of the Thorns by wiping out a few of the rival Trolls with some homemade explosives. Now he’s just happy to have a steady paycheck while pursuing his real passion – making things explode.

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