Lost Vancouver

The World of Darkness is much like our modern world, full of old familiar places. So familiar that you could comfort yourself that this is a world of logic, reason, and pure science. But at the shadows of our perception lurk things beautiful and horrifying that defy explanations and our notions of the natural order. All the old stories of werewolves, vampires, and magic-wielders? They’re all true.

Join us as we explore Vancouver through the eyes of the Changelings – human mortals who were taken by one of the Fae to the realm of Arcadia, imprisoned there, and later escaped. Spending time in the land of dreams and stories has warped the characters into something less human but more magical.

Now they are isolated from the friends and family they once knew – by time, by appearance, and by the magics that may have stolen their souls. The Mask maintains a human appearance for the characters to move through the world, but no mortal could understand who and what they are now.

But they are not totally alone. There exists a small group of others who have been beyond the Hedge and returned – a society of Changelings. But this group is still divided by loyalties, by ideologies, and by fear. Fear of each other and of the Fae they escaped; the Fae whose minions even now probe the mortal world seeking to reclaim those that escaped them.

Now the characters find themselves in the darkest of ancient faerie tales – a mortal pursued by forces as alien as they are powerful. Worse, their magical forms force a continuous re-exposure to risk by venturing into the Hedge that divides their world from Arcadia.

Can they maintain their freedom by staying one step ahead of the Fae? Can they reclaim their lost humanity and find a new place in this world? Or will they be just souls lost in the World of Darkness?

Audio Episodes
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