Serafina, The Tiefling Warlock

Serafina, or Feenie to close friends, grew up in the town of Trintych. Born a tiefling in a humanoid town, Feenie has been an outsider much of her life and responded to social disdain by performing exceedingly well at school and in military training exercises.

In addition to her academic success, she’s also enjoyed significant military success which has changed the towns attitude towards her. This change in attitude does not come without its costs, as Feenie is a closeted warlock and in the town of Trintych she now has to be much more careful not to reveal her magical ability to friends and colleagues.

Deep down she is a fun loving and social person but to people who don’t know her, she comes across as determined and cold. An imposing 6 ft tall, with dark red skin and fiery red eyes; Feenie’s appearance usually only acts to solidify mistaken first impressions.

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