Valia Windrose, The Aasimar Paladin

“I believe in a world without pain. One blessed day, no person, no creature will ever have to suffer again. Life will still begin and end, but kindly, without pain, without prejudice, and without torture. I have suffered greatly. So have you all, so has everyone to one degree or another, but for me that is my purpose, to prevent suffering, no matter the cost, and no matter what it does to what remains of me. The part of me that could have lived in that world died thirty years ago.” – Valia Windrose
Valia is a lot older than your usual adventurers. She didn’t feel a call to adventuring or seeking fortune; in fact she settled down in a small village with her husband and three children. All was well until the village got raided – by brigands.

The bandits burned several buildings to cover their escape, including the one Valia’s children were trapped in. Her husband, a former city guardsman, organized a militia and called in favors and swiftly retaliated. The militia found some of the bandits, forced them to reveal the camp’s location, and wiped them all out.

To this day whenever Valia closes her eyes to sleep, if she does NOT hear the screams of her children, she sees the crazed bloodlust in her husband’s eyes as he tortured the captured bandits, for information at first, but by the end just in revenge.

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