Lidda, The Halfling Ranger

Lidda is a 21 year old Halfling Ranger who was abandoned in the forest as a child. Lidda was raised in a small village by a Druid. She has told by one of the elders that she had the Spirit of the Wolf.

But one day a dragon burned down the village and became her Favored Enemy. She learned more about Dragons and their ways and even learned to speak their language. After, Lidda traveled from town to town, living mostly off of the land tracking the dragon that destroyed her only family and home she has ever known.

She doesn’t care about having relationships since all the people in her life have either left her by choice or death. But over the past year, Lidda met a group of traveling performers called the Fauns Heart Traveling Show, where she uses the skills she has learned to work an Impalement Artist. It doesn’t bring in much gold, but it keeps her skills sharp and traveling town to town helps her learn more about this mysterious dragon and how to find him.

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