Fracturia Episode 23 – Penultimate Poinsettia

Fracturia Episode 23 – Penultimate Poinsettia

In the second last episode of our Christmas in Julyspectacular, Brilla argues with everyone about whether they should go findSerafina, Kavra gets pissed (not in the drunk way), Eravan gets pissed (totallyin the drunk way), and we meet some very happy and very sad villagers. Also wemake some offensive jokes off the top, so if you’re sensitive or conservative,maybe skip to minute 3. Featuring Keltie as Brilla the Halfling monk, Jalyn asKavra the Dragonborn paladin, Alyx as Erevan the High Elf rogue and DM Jarrett.

Getting drunk, emotional highs and lows, and fiercearguments?

Man, it really is Christmas!


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