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Join us for the final Christmas (not Christmas) adventure before we move on to actually not Christmas antics (and just before July!). Magics and Mischief, more brutalized gremlin children, and a crushing defeat! Is it the party’s, or the possessed people of Iladam’s? Time will tell! The adventure finale features Jalyn as Kavra the Dragonborn paladin, Keltie as Brilla the Halfling monk, Alyx as Erevan the High Elf rogue and our amazing DM Jarrett (he told you, its not Christmas).

In the second last episode of our Christmas in Julyspectacular, Brilla argues with everyone about whether they should go findSerafina, Kavra gets pissed (not in the drunk way), Eravan gets pissed (totallyin the drunk way), and we meet some very happy and very sad villagers. Also wemake some offensive jokes off the top, so if you’re sensitive or conservative,maybe skip to minute 3. Featuring Keltie as Brilla the Halfling monk, Jalyn asKavra the Dragonborn paladin, Alyx as Erevan the High Elf rogue and DM Jarrett.

Getting drunk, emotional highs and lows, and fiercearguments?

Man, it really is Christmas!


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This week on ZeroD20: It’s the longest Christmas on record, and one of the warmest too as our brave heroes battle though this one-off. The new mic means better sound quality, so you can really hear the cast munching through bags and bags of chips. Also, Brilla gets passive aggressive, Kavra gets grumpy and Eravan tries to capture a Gremlin/Child by yelling, “It’s a trap!”

These and more high jinks with Jalyn as Kavra the dragonborn paladin, Keltie as Brilla the halfling monk, Alyx as Eravan the high elf rogue and, of course, DM Jarrett.


This week on ZeroD20, we step back into our mis-timed Christmas (not-Christmas) adventure with Keltie as Brilla the Halfling monk, Jalyn as Kavra the Dragonborn paladin, and Alyx as Eravan the High Elf rogue. Will Brilla slaughter any more children? Will the party be killed by Santa (not Santa)? Find out the answers to these and other mysteries set in our path by DM Jarrett.

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