Year: 2016

After our summer hiatus, we return to even hotter territory with a continuation of our infernal trials, orchestrated by DM Jarrett. How many moose will Liawyn murder? Will Kavra choose vengeance over the rule of law? Will Brilla ever stop talking? Answers to these and many more questions with Alyx as Eravan the High Elf rogue, Keltie as Brilla the Halfling monk, Jalyn as Kavra the Dragonborn paladin, and featuring Kelsey as Liawyn, the Wood Elf ranger.

What do you get when you’ve suffered through one personal hell? If Jarrett is your DM, you get a whole new hell! Join Kelsey as Liawyn the Wood Elf ranger Keltie as Brilla the Halfling monk, Jalyn as Kavra the Dragonborn paladin, and Alyx as Eravan the HIgh Elf rogue as they tackle moral conundra, battle legions and find themselves in hotter and hotter water. It’s a descent into an inferno of RP fun.



When the party takes a dip in a rift, everyone gets their own special hell! Join Erevan as he faces an angry mob of witch-burners, Brilla as she tests the limits of how long she can sit still, Liawyn as she decides between family and randoms, and Kavra as she tests just how durability compares to obedience. Jalyn, Alyx and Keltie star, Kelsey guest stars and Jarrett DMs!

Welcome to our new campaign on ZeroD20 – Faun’s Heart! In our first session, we meet the players and characters, explore Bretona, learn why it’s not a good idea to try to practice throwing knives at the dogs in the pet store, and meet a content badger. Really content.
Follow Saralynn as Lidda, the halfling Ranger, Abbey as Valia, the aasimar Paladin, Ashley as Tess, the high-elf Rogue, and Aurora as Pat, the high-elf Monk, with Jalyn as the DM.

You can watch us Live at Twitch.TV/ZeroD20


Episode 28 – Gnmoish Gnegotiations

What do you do when you’ve allowed your Halfling monk to blender five innocent farmers trying to protect their homes? What happens when that monk realizes what she’s done? In this episode of ZeroD20, elves sing, Kavra builds walls (not bridges), and Brilla breaks down – again. Featuring Keltie, Alyx, Jalyn, Dm Jarrett and returning guest star Kelsie as Liawyn the Wood Elf ranger.


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Enjoy this very nice Episode of Zerod20. Children are not
murdered, nor is Santa Clause. Also, there are some grateful townsfolk, and
Kavra plays with the children. That’s right, you heard us, Kavra. Featuring
Alyx as Erevan the High Elf rogue, Jalyn as Kavra the Dragonborn paladin,
Keltie as Brilla the Halfling monk and DM Jarrett.


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