Month: April 2016

The saddest episode of ZeroD20 ever! After Serafina’s disappearance, the group has to decide how to proceed. Go back to the battle? Leave Trintych? Run through the woods screaming Serafina’s name at the tops of their lungs?

Featuring Alyx as Erevan, the high elf rogue, Keltie is Brilla, the halfling monk and Jalyn as Kavra, the dragonborn paladin.


Battle Resumes, and so do we after our one-off April Fools campaign. Trintych is under attack by a merciless horde of orcs and goblins. After our heros are wounded in battle, they return to town and meet up with an old companion. Demara may have had a cold dunk in the river, but that didn’t cool her lust for battle or her lust for a certain handsome elf. Welcome back our special guest Wes who joins Alex as Erevan, Keltie as Brilla, Jalyn as Kavra, Coco as Serafina and DM Jarrett as they battle their way through goblins, orcs and the strangest love triangle you’ve ever seen!

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