Month: February 2016

In Episode 10 of the first all female player D&D actual play podcast, Demara, Brilla, Eravan and Serafina return to Trintych with a secret Kavra can’t know. Brilla’s faith in half of all beings is shaken, pints are drank, taverns infiltrated. And one terrible plan is made. Featuring Coco, Alyx, Keltie, Jalyn and DM Jarrett.

Special thanks to our guest editor Lester Lee.

Episode 9 of the first all female party D&D 5E actual play podcast! Character level up means the group experiences some pretty freaky encounters. Will they survive meeting the beings who give them their power? Join Coco as Serafina the Tiefling Warlock, Alex as Eravan the High Elf Rogue, Keltie as Brilla the Halfling Monk and Jalyn as Kavra the Dragonborn Paladin and DM Jarrett for another adventure.

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