Year: 2016

When Mephits Attack! Last session we ended about to go into Mephit Battle. We open with that battle, some injuries, and a smug mage that really gets Valia’s goat.
Follow Saralynn as Lidda, the halfling Ranger, Abbey as Valia, the aasimar Paladin, Ashley as Tess, the high-elf Rogue, and Holly as Sylvia, the changeling Bard/Cleric, with Jalyn as the DM.
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So, our DM has a small obsession with Halloween, Homebrews, and Horror stories (but not movies *shudders).

What happens when Faun’s Heart goes Horrible in their Haunting Halloween Hi-jinks? Well… See for yourself, if you dare…

Follow Abbey as Homberg J. Trillby, the warforged Cleric, Ashley as O’limorte, the changeling Bard, and Holly as Wild Trotter, the shifter Ranger, with Jalyn as the DM.

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